The V&A Classic Collection features 40 distinctive colours inspired by the V&A’s unique architecture and decorative interiors, allowing people to bring the palette of the Museum into their own homes.

The exceptional, opulent and rich hues are already in use in select galleries at the Museum in South Kensington and use the finest pigments to achieve the highest quality paint product available in home decorating.

The colours work in all styles of architecture, creating beautiful homes by gently elevating rooms with a subtle grace.

Find your colour

Which colour inspires you?

Confidently choose a V&A Classic Collection colour you love, knowing it will look wonderful. Select from the exquisitely blended colour palette to complement your home.

You can order a tester pot to try at home on our website to make sure you have found your perfect colour.

Styles & trends

Novel ways to use colour. Below are some ideas of how to feature V&A colours in interesting ways. You can also experiment with different finishes.

Statement colour

A single colour used over walls, skirting boards, furniture and fixtures. This is ideal to focus the eye on architectural details such as ornate mouldings, skirting shapes or key pieces of art. Suited to period properties and modern homes.

Distant shades

Pairing deep shades with off-whites is a subtle and stylish way to introduce the opulence of a rich colour without the room becoming dark. Light colours can be introduced in furnishings and fittings as well as over some walls and flooring.

Twin features

Try painting two feature walls. Painting one feature colour can often make the room feel unbalanced. If you want a feature wall – paint all or part of the opposite or adjacent one the same colour too, it will balance the room.


We all love Neutrals, and when a neutral room is coloured perfectly, the effect is very sophisticated. Neutrals layer beautifully with similar colour tones so the V&A colour card is a great starting point to plan your neutral scheme. Because our colour card is grouped into family colours arranged by shade, you only have to make sure to choose all your room colours from the same page.

Our first four colour card pages are all neutrals and offer a wonderful way to layer tones in confidence, knowing your room will look perfect.