Our Story

Our story

Master Paintmakers manufacture premium paints for the world’s most renowned and desirable interior design brands. Manufacturing paints since 1892, Master Paintmakers only supply supreme paints to the highest technical specification.

Based in the Midlands for over 120 years, the group develops paint and surface coatings across a broad range of industrial, aerospace and domestic uses, meeting exacting standards of quality and performance. The decorative paints incorporate cutting-edge industrial technology to produce a brilliant quality of paint that is highly durable and will not fade or flake.

The V&A Classic Paint Collection, developed in close collaboration with the V&A uses the finest pigments to achieve the highest quality paint product available in its category. The paint collection features 40 distinctive colours inspired by the V&A’s unique architecture and decorative interiors, allowing people to bring the palette of the Museum into their own homes. The V&A Classic Paint Collection is already in use in select galleries at the Museum in South Kensington; a soft white has been named Grand Entrance after the space was painted in the colour.

Highlights from the colour range include Reuben Red, a rich Victorian red echoing colours used in fabrics and carpets at the time and named after Reuben Townroe, who worked on architectural decorations for the South Kensington Museum, as the V&A was then known.

The architect who designed the V&A’s main building, Aston Webb, is honoured with a rich grey with a hint of warmth – Webb Grey. Whilst Trajan’s Column, a contemporary white colour is based on the monumental plaster cast displayed in the Museum’s Cast Courts. The 19th-century cast replicates the original Roman triumphal column which dates to the 1st century AD.

The building of the V&A begun in 1857 is the most elaborately designed and decorated museum in Britain. The V&A’s first Director Sir Henry Cole conceived the Museum’s building as a showcase for leading Victorian artists to design and decorate. Cole engaged leading painters such as Frederic Leighton, G.F. Watts and Edward Burne-Jones as well as specialists in decoration such as Owen Jones and Morris & Co to decorate and design for a building raised by engineers using innovatory materials and techniques.

The fabric and decorative schemes of the V&A building continue to be a source of inspiration for professionals in the creative industries, and for all those with a passion, interest and enthusiasm for art and design.